2.04 Gallery, Pushkinskaya-10 Art Center, Museum of Non-Conformist Art, St- Petersburg
December 28th – January the 12th
Opening on December the 28th at 18:00

« In the framework of the St. Petersburg Art Residency the young French photographer Thomas Mocaer researches the specifics of spatial memory, trying to answer the question: how does our consciousness perceive and save the places where we have once been.
Photography and methods of photo mapping are used as the main tools. The artist discovers the spaces of the « Pushkinskaya-10 », observes its residents and visitors. The memories appear to be fragmental, the scale is randomly shifting. In the mind of the author an unconscious, intuitional selection of details and perspectives takes place. They become the martial for reproduction of primary spatial experiences.
The photo-installation by Thomas Mocaer in the 2,04 art gallery looks like a utopian map and a dream at the same time. It models certain space situations and lets the visitor experience the « Pushkinskaya-10″ from the artist’s point of view. »

Anastasia Patsey, Curator

Art-centre « Pushkinskaya-10 »
191040, Russia, St. Petersburg,
Pushkinskaya street 10

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